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Welcome to Collier Model Aeronautic Club, CMAC. We are located in Naples Florida. We have a brand new field for everything from turbine jets, Giant scale, Heli's and all electrics at Port of the Islands along with our Manatee field for electrics. We have instructors available and welcome new members. Visitors are always welcome for flying or spectating. Please feel free to contact us. We are young pilot friendly!
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A R/C Model Aircraft club with 2 fields
CMAC 2016-2017 officers and directors
Cliff MacMorris-President
Gary Weinberg-Vice President
Michael Petermann-Treasurer
Guy Guerra-Secretary
Board of Directors
Charles Boxwell-Cliff Chmiel-James Gilligan
Chuck Keller-Danny Sweet-Scott Sweet
Lots of exciting news at the CMAC meeting. New leadership team and a new Field with almost unlimited possibilities Stay tuned!
First official flight at the new Isles field today. Scott and Danny Sweet's e-Flight Slick. - Jim G.

Cliff Chmiel showing some Heli skills!
CMAC has a new field located approx. 13 miles east of SR 951 (Collier Blvd) We are in the process of setting up the facility but it is open for flying.